Slender Matrix Sachet 2 x 1kg

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Slender Matrix Sachet 2 x 1kg


Best Tasting, Non-GMO, Low Calorie Shake



Slender Matrix is our latest, most potent thermogenic fat loss blend for when you want to take your fat-stripping efforts to crazy new levels.

We’ve blended the finest and most effective stimulant, fat-burning and energy boosting ingredients at optimal levels so you have access to a truly cutting-edge thermogenic supplement.
Slender Matrix is an ideal diet protein powder for people trying to lose weight so they can achieve that slim, toned look. Its blend of natural and effective thermogenic ingredients and quality 100% grass fed proteins will give your weight loss efforts a massive helping hand.

The clever combination of hydroxy citric acid (HCA), l-carnitine, citrus uranium, l-tyrosine and guarana release fat stores in the body so they can be burned as fuel, protecting your muscle tone and boosting your metabolism. Its blend three different types of proteins mean it will keep you feeling fuller for longer and help put an end to hunger cravings.

Slender Matrix is a low calorie, high protein, and great tasting shake.

Key Features

  • The perfect solution to start your weight loss journey
  • Get your pre-baby body back
  • Get beach body ready
  • Feel confident this summer, strip fat
  • Look and feel fabulous for that special occasion
  • Suitable for men & women

Nutritional Facts / Ingredients

Nutritional Facts

Energy  669kj 
Calories 160cal 
Protein  31.7g
Carbohydrates (total) 2.28g 
Sugars 2.28g 
Fats (total) 2.56g 
Saturated Fats  1.60g
Sodium  150mg
Hydroxy Citric Acid 10:1 Equivelant Herbal Extract 980mg  
L-tyrosine 50mg  
Synepherine Hcl (Cirtus Aurantium) 32mg 
Gurana 10:1 Equivelant Herbal Extract 300mg
L-carnitine 230mg 
Potassium 210mg
Isoleucine 2628mg 
Leucine 4276mg 
Lysine  3561mg
Methionine 981mg
Phenylalanine 1296mg 
Threonine 2788mg 
Tryptophan 778 mg 
Valine 2394mg 
Histidine 800mg 
Alanine 2160mg
Arginine 1120mg 
Aspartic Acid 4480mg
Cysteine 1160mg
Glutamac Acid 7360mg
Glycine 840mg 
Proline 2560 mg
Serine 2160mg
Tyrosine 1400mg


    • lnstantised Whey Protein Concentrate
    • lnstantised Whey Protein Isolate
    • Micellar Casein
    • Hydroxy Citric Acid 10:1
    • L-Tyrosine, Synepherine HCL (Citrus Aurantium)
    • Guarana 10:1 (6.2 mg of caffeine per serve)
    • L-Carnitine
    • Natural and Artificial Flavours
    • Sweetener (955)
    • Vanilla / Cocoa flavouring

    Contains dairy and traces of soy.


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